How Can HR Specialists Solve Your HR Puzzle?

Talent Acquisition

Staff On-Boarding/Off-Boarding

Succession Planning


Diversity and Inclusion

Leadership Development

Organizational Change & Transformation

Employee Relations

Project Management

HR Auditing

ACA Audit/Compliance

Performance Appraisals

Employee Improvement Planning

Employee Disciplinary Actions

Benefits Management

HRIS Management

Investigations in the Workplace

Policy Writing/Implementation

Grant Writing/Management

Unemployment Claims Management

FMLA/ADA Claims Management

Workers Comp Claims Management

FLSA Assessments

Employee Records Retention Management

Salary Survey

Exit Interviews

Review of Insurance Services

Disaster Response Planning

Employee Background Screening

Job Description Review/Creation

About HR Specialists of Louisiana

HR Specialists of Louisiana, LLC is a full service Human Resources firm that provides the best HR advice for your company to not only survive, but to thrive without worry of HR liability.  HRSofLA comes with the backing and business knowledge of professional partner services within the insurance, employment law, and IT fields.  We choose to do this to make sure our clients get the best service available so you can afford to focus on what you do best, grow your business.

New Hire Practices

The process of hiring the next great employee can be tough. Let HRSofLA help you carry that weight so you can make the right decision for your company.

Staff On-Boarding Procedures

A review of on-bording procedures reveals a lack of structured training. Let HRSofLA ensure you are hiring the right people for your company.

Employee Benefits

Let HRSofLA help you come up with a Benefits plan that your employees will love. We can help you get the most out of your company’s money and keep your employees happy.


Labor Law Postings

Keeping up with the latest in Labor Law can be confusing, time consuming and often a lengthy process. We’re here to help. Let HRSofLA do the research for you.

The Two Step Process


Phase I

Conduct HR audit of New Hire & Termination practices, Employee On-Boarding, Employee Relations, Benefits Management and Open Enrollment, Policy & Procedure / Handbook Review, FMLA/ADA leave procedures, Workers Compensation procedures, and more!  Provide a complete report and recommendations.


Phase II

Complete all recommendations from Phase I, Human Resource Management, Benefits Administration, Cobra Administration, ACA Compliance Audit(s), SUI Claims Management, Salary Survey, Professional review of insurance services, Grant writing and management, Disaster Response planning, and more!