Hiring Preparations

Salary Surveys

If you want to be competitive in the job market and reduce turnover let HRSofLA conduct a salary survey of your area.  If you’re paying your staff too much it could be detrimental to your profit margins, but if you’re paying your staff too little you could be at risk of high employment costs with turnover.

Job Description Review/Creation

Job descriptions are a general road map for your employees to follow while at work.  Each employee that does not have one is a huge liability for your company.  HRSofLA has the experience in developing job descriptions and implementing them into the workplace.

Policy Writing/Implementation

Quite often an Employee Handbook never covers every situation.  Is there something you would like to include in your policy, but don’t know exactly how to be in compliance with law.  HRSofLA can guide you through this process, write your policy and make sure the handbook is compliant with law.