What Can Human Resource Specialists of Louisiana Do For Your Company?

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Hiring Preparations

Salary Surveys

If you want to be competitive in the job market and reduce turnover let HRSofLA conduct a salary survey of your area.  If you’re paying your staff too much it could be detrimental to your profit margins, but if you’re paying your staff too little you could be at risk of high employment costs with turnover.

Job Description Review/Creation

Job descriptions are a general road map for your employees to follow while at work.  Each employee that does not have one is a huge liability for your company.  HRSofLA has the experience in developing job descriptions and implementing them into the workplace.

Policy Writing/Implementation

Quite often an Employee Handbook never covers every situation.  Is there something you would like to include in your policy, but don’t know exactly how to be in compliance with law.  HRSofLA can guide you through this process, write your policy and make sure the handbook is compliant with law.

New Hire Practices

Talent Acquisition

All too often as you are growing a business, you have less and less time to dedicate to the duties of Human Resources. HRSofLA can help you with your search for that perfect fit.

Diversity and Inclusion

In simple terms, diversity is the mix of staff you have; inclusion is getting that mix to work well together. Whatever your staffing goals HRSofLA can handle it.


We handle everything from the ad in the paper, to the interview, to making the recommendation to you on the best candidate. Contact HRSofLA for all of your staffing needs.

Staff On-Boarding Procedures

Employee Background Screening

Every Employee you hire should have a thorough background screen. Depending on your industry you may be required to have certain types of screening. HRSofLA can manage this process from scheduling state police screenings to obtaining a criminal history on each applicant.

Employee Improvement Planning

Underperforming employees may not know they aren’t at the top of their game. Let HRSofLA help guide you through the process of identifying those employees, develop an improvement plan and deliver the plan to the employee so you can get back to running your company.

Leadership Development

Sometimes we expect our employees to be leaders even though they have never been in that position before. We often forget that not everyone was born with leadership skills. A hands on approach to developing leadership talent is how HRSofLA can make a different in building a leader in your company.

Employee Relations

Do you have employees underperforming? Are you tired of having employees fighting in the offing, bringing morale down? Don’t know how to address it? Let HRSofLA help you develop an employee improvement plan to make your workforce meet your expectations.

Staff On-Boarding

New hire paperwork can be a liability if not done correctly. Let HRSofLA handle all of your new hires so you don’t have to worry.

Performance Appraisals

Getting the best out of your employees starts with performance appraisals.  HRSofLA has the experience in writing and implementing performance appraisals as well as training managers to deliver this important tool.

Human Resources and Accounting

HR Auditing

Random governmental audits from the IRS or OSHA can put a damper on your day and your checkbook.  Let HRSofLA come in and perform an audit to make sure you are in compliance and keep you out of hot water.

HRIS Management

Human Resources Information Systems are a big part of todays HR world.  This includes: Online applications, manage employee demographics, payroll, and much more. Let HRSofLA implement a HRIS system and if you already have one we can manage it for you.

Federal Law Compliance

FLSA Assessments

The Fair Labor Standards Act establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and child labor standards affecting full-time and part-time workers.  This law also delineates the rules for classification of exempt and nonexempt employees.  The most common violation of FLSA laws is classifying an employee as a 1099 contractor, you may not even know you’re in violation.  HRSofLA identifies these common misclassifications during our HR audits and we advise you on fixing this issue.

ACA Audit/Compliance

The Affordable Care Act has many companies thinking long and hard about their health insurance. HRSofLA can help you through this rapidly evolving law and make sure you stay in compliance.

FMLA/ADA Claims Management

These two federal laws are some of the most difficult to manage on your own, especially if you have an employee trying to abuse them.  HRSofLA has years of experience in dealing with these types of claims, let us handle so you don’t have to.

Employee Disciplinary Practices

Investigations of Workplace Grievances/Misconduct

HRSofLA is trained by the Department of Justice in conducting investigations. Once a grievance has been made, don’t ignore it. Let us do a full investigation and prepare a follow up report so you know the issue has been fully resolved.

Employee Disciplinary Actions

An employee has just violated one of your policies, what now? Are you familiar with writing a report of exactly what happened to include only the facts? HRSofLA is trained in investigation procedure, report writing and delivery of the facts. We can meet with the employee, deliver the violation and make sure it gets reported appropriately.

Termination Practices

Staff Off-Boarding

Firing an employee can be a very difficult thing to do. Even more so, it can carry a lot of liability info done correctly. Trust HRSofLA to ensure that this process goes smoothly.

Unemployment Claims Management

If a past employee files for unemployment after they are terminated and you do nothing about it, they can be granted their claim. If this happens, you, the employer, are responsible for paying up. Let HRSofLA manage all of your unemployment claims so you won’t have to pay a dime more than you have to.

Employee Records Retention Management

There are actually laws that state how long you have to keep an employee’s file after they are no longer employed with you. Let HRSofLA manage this detail for you so you don’t spend all of your time trying to figure out these laws.

Accident Planning

Succession Planning

No one likes to think of accidents, but what if you were in a major accident and couldn’t run your company? Who takes over in your absence? HRSofLA can help you put a proactive plan in place for the, “what do we do now?”.

Disaster Response Planning

Do you know what you are going to do in the event of a natural disaster?  How are you going to handle preparing for one? during one? and after one?  Let HRSofLA help you put a plan in place in the event of a natural disaster so you can be ahead of everyone else in getting back to business as usual.

Workers Compensation Claims Management

Having a worker out on a work related injury is never good and takes a lot of your time managing the claim.  HRSofLA can handle your claims management and make sure your employee has clear direction on the claim and when they will have to return to work.

Other Services

Benefits Management – Each year your company should have an open enrollment period where employees can change their benefits, adding/deleting dependents or increasing/decreasing coverage. During this process a lot of paperwork is generated and has to be managed. HRSofLA has years of experience managing employee benefit plans, administering open enrollment and complying with the record keeping process.

Organizational Change & Transformation – HRSofLA is Six Sigma certified.  We can help lead the way for your organizational change with the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to make it happen.

Project Management – Are you considering having a salary survey done?  Planning on writing a grant?  An employee satisfaction survey?  Want to develop an exit interview process?  Any project big or small, HRSofLA can handle whatever you throw at us.

Grant Writing/Management– Many companies are interested in applying for grant money but don’t know how or the task seems too daunting.  Then if you are approved for the grant, managing it usually produces three times the paperwork it took to apply for it.  HRSofLA has the experience necessary to write and manage your grant along with the paperwork that come along with it.

Exit Interviews– Sometime we are unclear why employees leave an organization.  Let HRSofLA develop an exit interview and administer it.  Together we can sort through it and make sense of the departures.

Review of Insurance Services– A good rule of thumb is to shop your insurance at least every 2 to 3 years.  You could be paying way more than you have to.  HRSofLA has a professional partner in the insurance business that could save you thousands of dollars and make sure you’re getting the best coverage available.